2019 Panels

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Panels Located at

The Owyhee Lobby
1109 W. Main St

Boise, Idaho 83702


Friday, October 18th: 7pm

Saturday, October 19th: 11am, 1pm and 3pm



Crit Killen and Catrine McGregor started their careers on the same film: Bladerunner. Crit designed weapons for the film and Catrine was involved with background player casting, but they  met only  a few years ago when they were both guests at a ComicCon. Strangely enough, they found out that they were both working as producers on the same documentary, King Cohen. During those interim years, Crit and Catrine both worked on many prominent films - in various positions. Crit designed the Beetlejuice costume and was the script doctor on dozens of studio films, including Inception. Catrine has worked on hundreds of films, TV shows and video games as a producer and casting director, for which she has received several national awards.

Filmmaker Panel

11am Saturday

Ever wondered what goes into making a movie? Have specific questions only a working filmmaker can answer? No problem. The Filmmaker Panel at the Idaho Horror Film Festival gives full access to working filmmakers with films in the Idaho Horror Film Festival. Find out how they got their ideas, what problems did they run in to during shooting, and how they got their first job. Ask away!

In this exclusive panel session, they’ll share about their experiences making films and answer your questions about the process.

Marketing Your Film

1pm Saturday

What should you do with your short after it's completed?
Short films are tricky. There are many reasons to make one, but ultimately, shorts are less likely to have the mass appeal of feature-length films. So, what do you do with a short once you're ready to release it?
Do you put it immediately online? Do you submit to a festival? And if you do submit to a festival, is it for cash prizes or exposure? How do you make your short appealing to festivals? Do you look for some avenue of distribution thereafter? These are all questions you should be asking before you make any decision, including your initial decision to shoot short in the first place.

The most crucial thing you can do as a short filmmaker is to be prepared for what comes next.

Financing Your Film in the Mountain West

3pm Saturday

This panel bringing into focus how you make a film in State without incentives and how partnering with another state that does (Montana) can help you fund your project. Molly Deckart, Director of the Boise Film Foundation will discuss their fiscal sponsorship and the benefits of funding your film using this model.  JD Jacoby of the Montana Film Office will explain the robust grant programs and the newly passed Media Act! Director, Andrew Garcia will talk successful funding of his projects, particularly how his film HERO became a calling card for funding future projects.

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